How many lessons

How many driving lessons will I need?

The number of lessons that a person will need varies from one person to another. Apart from such things as hasn’t to eye coordination the following will affect the number of lessons


Age. The older you are the more lessons you will need

Previous experience. If you have driven a forklift truck or tractor or ridden a motorbike then this will have given you valuable experience that will help you.

Frequency of lessons. One hour a week is fine but more frequent lessons will help you make quicker progress.

Working outside your lessons. If you forget about driving been lessons then you will not make as quick progress as someone who is thinking about their lessons during the week and comes to the next lesson ready and prepared.


In the UK official figures say that on average people take 45 professional driving lessons plus some private practice to pass their test. The average uk pass rate for driving tests is 47%.


Your instructor is well trained to help you to make the best possible progress. Modern coaching techniques are used by all reputable instructors who will ensure that your instruction is client centred. This means that you will learn at the pace that is appropriate for you.