Automatic driving lessons Leicester
Automatic driving lessons in Leicester

With the government announcing plans to halt all diesel and petrol car production by 2030, there is now a very good case to simply learn automatic only, the future of motoring is electric!.  Even if you are someone who simply wants to learn to drive to get from point a to point b, learning automatic is a sensible option, why stress yourself with learning the clutch\gears. You could always take a test in a manual car after you have passed in automatic if you feel you need to learn manual.

At Dr1veschool we recognise that for some people, learning to drive in an automatic car is the best choice. For that reason we are able to offer automatic driving lessons in Leicester and surrounding areas.

What are the advantages of driving lessons in an automatic?

There are numerous advantages to learning to drive in an automatic:

1. No Gears. Fairly obviously as the car has an automatic gear box then you do not have to worry about selecting the correct gear. The car automatically selects the gears for you, leaving you to concentrate on the other aspects of driving

2. No clutch. As there are no gears, there is no need for a clutch. This makes use of the pedals much simpler – you either need to put your foot on the accelerator to go faster or the brake to slow down

3. No stalling. The reason for stalling a manual car is usually to do with bringing the clutch pedal up too quickly.  As there is no clutch in an automatic car then this problem is completely done away with!

4. Hill starts are easy. Again it’s the use of the clutch that causes problems with hill starts – either not bringing the pedal up enough resulting in rolling back or bringing it up too far or too quickly resulting in the inevitable stall. No clutch means hill starts are a breeze.

5. Passing quickly. Not having all the above potential problems means that you will probably pass the test more quickly in an automatic car than in a manual. Although lessons in an automatic are a little more expensive, because you will probably take fewer lessons, it is likely to be the cheaper option.

6. Full Licence. Getting your driving license sooner is probably the most appealing option!

So what are the disadvantages with learning in an automatic driving school car?

Quite simply there is one major disadvantage and it’s that if you pass your test in an automatic car then you are restricted to driving automatics unless or until you pass the test in a manual car. For some people this is not a problem. They are quite happy that they will only need to drive an automatic car and so this disadvantage is irrelevant.


Are manual or automatic driving lessons in Leicester right for you?

Only you will know the answer. However, if you are not sure you could always book a trial  driving lesson in Leicester in either the automatic or manual car and see how you get on.


Call Dr1veschool for driving lessons in Leicester on 0116 319 5608 or 07506 132742 to find out more about automatic driving lessons in Leicester.

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