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It’s hard to find the right driving school, but hopefully you will see we are the No.1 Driving School in Leicester. We have a range of driving lessons in Leicester to suit your needs:
Beginners, Part Trained, Confidence Building, and Driving Test Rescue.
And when you have passed your test we have advanced driving lessons for learning how to drive on the motorways, in bad weather, at nights and on those small, narrow country roads.
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Most driving schools in Leicester concentrate on the test itself, we have a different approach. We take the point of view from the examiner and follow the guidance notes given to examiners on how to mark the practical driving test – what do they want to see? – what is the examiner looking for? The answer is for you to be a safe driver and fit in with the traffic, so the skills you learn enable you to be safe in any driving situation. Learning to drive is a lot more than learning the technical abilities of driving a car such as clutch and gas co-ordination, its more to do with how to anticipate what is happening and planning well ahead. With our driving lessons in Leicester, either manual or automatic, we can show and help you to become a safe driver capable of passing the driving test without any hassle or stress.


0116 319 5608

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Our Driving Lessons Aim

Our aim is really simple. To show you that we are the right driving school to help you get your driving licence and to demonstrate an understanding of your needs that no other driving school in Leicester can do. We don’t intend on competing with cheap driving lessons in Leicester. Our aim is to compete on quality of service and tuition. We have set our prices to reflect the quality, dedication, confidence and commitment of our instructors, we are not the cheapest but we aren’t the most expensive either. We are able to offer quality service at great prices as we keep our overheads low.

Common Driving School Misconceptions

A very common misconception with learner drivers and parents enquiring about driving lessons in Leicester is that all driving instructors are the same. This is definitely not the case and often people will choose their driving lessons based on price alone. This can be a big mistake and the “hidden cost of cheap” becomes obvious when a lack of progress is experienced. Our driving instructors in Leicester strive to deliver the best driving lessons in the local area. We compete on quality and value. Our customers benefit from quicker learning and will save money by needing fewer hours overall. We understand that you may not want to take our word for it, so to prove to you that our instructors are great, just look at our 5 star reviews!  If you are looking for a driving instructor in Leicester and want a great chance of passing your driving test first time, all you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call, our friendly team will be happy to discuss your particular situation and get you booked in.

Passionate about Providing the Best Standards

All of our instructors are passionate in providing the best possible standards of tuition, use up to date and proven coaching methods to help our students be safe drivers for life. In addition to being fully qualified and approved by the DVSA, we are members of the Driving Instructors’ Association and have committed to pursue continuous professional development through attendance at training events and workshops. Learning is made easy and simple to understand with our unique coaching methods. We have the skills – phone us now

0116 319 5608