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So what is the difference between our driving lessons in Wigston and all the other Driving Schools in Wigston. Firstly, right from the very start of your learning we teach you how to drive from the perspective of the examiner. Anyone can get in a car and drive, but what the examiner wants to witness is you driving safely.

This is how an examiner will define “driver safety”
1. To be in control of the car at all times
2. To follow the Highway Code
3. To have the right attitude to driving safely
4. To be able to spot hazards

Now if we bring all the above elements into your training right from the first driving lesson and then on every lesson thereafter.  How likely are you to become a safe driver, capable of passing your test?
It’s why we are so successful, so call us today?

At Dr1ve School we are committed to offering high quality driving lessons in Wigston and surrounding areas. We offer  great block booking discount for Wigston driving lessons for new learners. You will find it hard to find lessons that offer such amazing value for money.  As well as helping you to the important goal of passing your driving test, we will ensure that you are taught the DVSA driving syllabus with the goal that you should be a safe and competent driver for life. As well as offering block booking discounts, we offer intensive driving courses in Wigston and Leicester.

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Wigston Driving School

The nearest driving test centre for Wigston is located at:

Tigers Road, off Saffron Road
South Wigston
LE18 4WS

The nearest theory test centre to Wigston is located at:

3rd Floor, Rutland Centre, 56 Halford Street,